In this section of the site we would like to outline what specifications are available on the Karmann Ghia and what changes took place year by year as part of Volkswagen's ongoing evolution of the car. We would also like to clarify the minimum specifications that a finished Karmann Ghia Motorworks vehicle will include, and we hope you can use this information as a comparison to other sources whilst you are searching for your car.

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At Motorworks, as enthusiasts and Ghia owners and drivers, we take great pride in our work, our cars and the level of service we are able to offer. We have been restoring and trading in Karmann Ghias for 15 years and believe we are the best in the country at what we do. Our hoardes of satisfied cutomers over the years think so too.

Of course, not all the cars at Motorworks are in showroom condition. In almost every case, we need to carry out work, to varying degrees, on cars in order for them to be presentable for sale to clients wishing to use and enjoy them for years to come. The work carried out on these cars can be entirely flexible - it is often the case that you can choose your own specification, based on your preferences and budget - just as if it were a new car.

Colour, upholstery, carpeting, engine spec, in-car hi-fi and wheels are just some examples of the items commonly changed or enhanced at customer request.

When you purchase a finished Motorworks car, you can expect the following:

-The car will be UK registered with all duties paid, and will carry their correct year UK registration plates in period black and silver style.

-The car will be fully MoT'd and road legal.

- It will be fully serviced before collection.

-The car will have Halogen headlamps fitted for safety.

-It will run on unleaded fuel.

-It will have been inspected thouroughly. All areas of the car will be relayed openly and honestly to prospective buyers.

Please call us for any specific details on any car, or let us know what you are looking for, we will always help in any way we can.


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