These are just a selection of Motorworks customers with their new cars, we'll add more over time to let you see the standard of cars you can expect from us....


cust01.jpg (43865 bytes) cust02.jpg (46058 bytes) dbrill.JPG (85355 bytes) cust05.jpg (59245 bytes) cust06.jpg (57913 bytes)
 Glen Buric  Justin Upton Dan Brilliant Andy Sibbert Sandy
kenswayne.jpg (80011 bytes) karenteare.jpg (57701 bytes) matt rigby.jpg (96839 bytes) john matheson.jpg (60336 bytes) TONY1.jpg (67722 bytes)
Ken Swayne Karen Teare Matt Rigby John Mathieson Tony Islkey
C41.jpg (44112 bytes) C90.jpg (28905 bytes) V4.jpg (40172 bytes) C39.jpg (39901 bytes) C40.jpg (27161 bytes)
Sarah Ramoth Catherine McCormack Kathy Randell Guy Rawlings Suzy Laszlo
pauls 74.jpg (71138 bytes) richbattersby.jpg (52493 bytes) alex&car.JPG (69294 bytes)
Paul Langthorne Richard Battersby Alex
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