Some commonly asked questions when people consider buying an imported Karmann Ghia from us...


Q: Can I always expect USA cars to be rust free?

A: No. It rains in California too. Cars can also be affected by salty air if they are kept on the coast. However, the rain and salt in the South West States are relatively insignificant when compared to the UK, therefor good rust-free cars are often found. At Motorworks it is only these cars, in the hands of the often long-term owners, that we are interested in importing.

Q: I have heard Californian cars suffer in other areas due to the hot climate, is this true?

A: Yes. Due to the high temperatures and glaring sun, it is often the case that most of the rubber and plastic components will need attention or replacement. This can often include interior trim, dash-tops and even steering wheels. We ensure all of these parts are attended to on all our finished cars.

Q: I want a particular colour of car - can I choose what colour to have?

A: Yes. Because so many of the cars will need cosmetic work anyway, it is very likely that you can decide on paint colour yourself. Why stop there? You can also choose interior trim and wheel style etc. We believe the original colours and styles of these cars to be hard to beat, but there's always room for a little individuality!

Q: Karmann Ghias look great, but they're really slow, right?

A: A myth. It's arguably VW's own fault that the car had this reputation. It was styled and often marketed as a 'sports car' and was subsequently compared to sports cars. So, in a straight fight with, say a Porsche 912, the VW did seem under-powered. However, when compared to any other similar engine sized car of the era, it will hold it's own. What's most important is that a well maintained Karmann Ghia should feel sprightly, light responsive and above all, more than adequate for modern motoring, both around town and motorway cruising. Actually, most people are surprised how quick they are!

Q: I was told the heating system in a Karmann Ghia is useless, what can I do to keep warm?

A: Make sure the heating system is working! In a solid car with the heater components in place and working, the heat in a Karmann Ghia is hard to beat.

Q: Where else can I research Karmann Ghias?

A: There is loads of information on the web, and a number of good books available - including VW Karmann Ghia by Malcolm Bobbit and Volkswagen Karmann Ghia by Laurence Meredith, both available from VW Books. You should also consider joining the owners club to tap into their wealth of knowledge.

Try The Karmann Ghia Webring, or the Karmann Ghia Owners Club (GB) Websites.

Q: I'm worried about Left-hand drive - should I be?

A: No. Most people find driving a LHD Ghia far easier than they expect it, indeed, many actually grow to prefer LHD. The glass area and all round visibility in a Ghia actually makes it easier to look over your right shoulder! When you come to purchase a Ghia, the drive position is rarely the deciding factor - bodywork and condition should be. Unfortunately for us in the UK, we are a minority driving on the left, and there are far less RHD cars available. It is true to say that it is extremely difficult to find RHD cars which have never been welded or are rust-free, due to our climate here. If you're concerned about LHD, why not come for a test drive first?

Q: Will my insurance premium be higher for a left-hand drive car?

A: No, but to make sure -check. If your insurer tries to charge more for LHD, our advice is change your insurer!

Q: Will Beetle parts fit these cars?

A: Of course, just as they would a UK car.

Q: How many cars do you stock?

A: Typically we have between 6 and 12 cars ready for sale, and a further 3 to 6 which are 'work in progress'. We have consistently been the largest stocker of Karmann Ghias in the country. You'll be lucky to see this many Ghias at a show!

These are just a few commonly asked questions, please give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we'll be happy to answer your questions.


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